Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gratuitous Plugs

Over the summer, I had lots of lovely ladies over to my place for a 'play date'. As well as getting our hands dirty in dyepots and colouring a variety of fabrics .......we shared. We did what women love (and need) to do...natter, swap experiences, talk about life and through that, support.
My thanks to CJ Baxter from who has her own fashion label, Twisted Fig and with hubby Brent, runs Limerence; to Gayle Burgess, a talented felter and artist; Margeret Griffin, a explorer of life; Nat Palaskas and her chum Jacky Williams, both highly creative beings and avid bloggers; mother and daughter team Marietta Herni and Deb Cotton, basketmaker and textile artist; Jillian Finch, local artist, Steiner teacher and felter, Sue Dilley and Barbara Hawkins, also members of Basketmakers of Victoria and serial work shoppers and chums Vanessa Ede-Scott and Belinda Broomhead, whose insatiable desire for investigating was an inspiration.

Thanks for spending time with me and I hope that our paths cross again soon. Now it's back to the drawing board (literally) as I have an exhibition to hang and those fabrics aren't going to arrange and sew themselves, no matter how hard I wiggle my nose.


  1. Sounds like it was very wonderful. I hope you run workshops again :-)

  2. I had a wonderful dyed day naturally! Jacky and I will try to arrange another day with you soon - Good luck with the exhibition. Those fabric needs beaten up to get it moving!!!

  3. I saw some of Jacky's beautiful dying, from your workshop, on Saturday, it was beautiful. I can't believe you're so close to where I live and I haven't heard of your workshops. I'll have to remedy that.

  4. Thanks Jude, it was a wonderful day and I have been trying to fit eco dying in whenever I can at home. Look forward to your exhibition.