Monday, February 13, 2012

A collaboration

Soon, almost too soon, I will be exhibiting my recent work at Burrinja with some good friends of mine. Mike Hyett and Marty Judd AKA Juet Sculpture and I have joined forces. This notion of collaborating was first conceived about 14 months ago when were at Upwey South Primary School's fete, as parents supporting the school. The sculptures animated the veggie patch and my fabrics fluttered in the gentle breeze and we chatted and chatted. As Juet work with recycled material and so do I, it was like a match made it heaven. The plan to dye fabrics with metals and then create sculptures has grown and morphed into Journeys in Journeys out, inspired by the ideas in Gulliver's Travels....and now it's all going on display at Burrinja!

OPENING DAY IS 17th MARCH at 3.30pm and being Irish I couldn't have asked for a better date!


  1. This is exciting! I put the date in my calendar, done! Will be there - hugs Nat

  2. Jude this looks so exciting. Looking forward to coming along to the exhibition. wonderful looks like a big metal eye.

    Jacky xox