Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally taking the plunge

It's my first blog, will it upload? will it look good? will it read well? will anybody read it?
Well if you do and you'd like to come along, I'd be delighted.


  1. are just flying today, my friend. Looks great!

  2. Get a proper've kids to raise!!

    Congrats on the exhibition!

  3. oh and Happy St Patrick's Day ... I've spent it in a warehouse in Milton Keynes...ffs!

  4. good luck Jude hope it goes really well for you Love Mum and Dad. xx

  5. Beautiful pieces! Can you ship to Manchester?

    Wish I could be there to quaff champers with you on Friday. Judging by the work, I'm sure it'll all be snapped up on the opening night. Gives me (nice) chills seeing my best mate doing what she's been put on this earth to do (yeah, get me a bucket!). All my love, Phil x