Monday, March 28, 2011

...and breathe.

This afternoon, I had the most wonderful experience of hanging some of my work in a gallery space. To be more precise, I watched Brent confidently hang it and held my breath. You see, the experimental framing 'squeaked' all the way there in the car. Two sheets of glass sandwiched together, bound in a recycled wooden frame, tend to do that and it really was quite unnerving. (plus my first attempt to mount my work resulted in some cracked glass, so I was emotionally scarred!)

I am relieved and ecstatic!

Show opens on Friday 1st April and runs for the month at Limerence in Belgrave


  1. Yes yes yes, brilliant work my friend!!!

  2. Looks fantastic Jude.Keep posting more for us. Love Mum and Dad xx

  3. We will definately come down to see your exhibition... The photos look great! Gini and Paul