Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Xtinction Xhibition

I have entered a competition, the brainchild of  by Ali Griffin from Three Stories and Artist's Lounge. It is 'a contemporary Art Prize inviting artists to explore the concept of extinction...to people, places,things,flora and fauna' and runs from 23 February to 24 March. There are two prizes courtesy of Healesville Sanctuary, a cash prize of 500 smakaroonies and a residency at the Sanctuary which includes one months accommodation at the Coranderrk Bush Hut. Uber exciting!
Ali provided us with a very practical checklist too with little boxes to tick.

  • 'Call for Entry' form and entry fee by 8 February                           TICK
  • Delivery of artwork on 16 February                                              TICK
  • Labelled on back with title, medium, name and contact details        TICK
  • Ready for hanging                                                                         TICK
Sitting to blog, I see the glaring omission on the checklist, the most obvious dot point to any creative soul, so obvious, in fact that it doesn't even warrant being on the checklist....
  • Catalogue work, record image....take a picture!                           DOH!
Have to wait until Friday at the opening to tick that box then...

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