Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not Just Nat

My friends, Nat Palaskas and Jacky Williams did a workshop earlier in the year. When I advertised again, I included them but never expected that they would be coming back for more....but they did! And this time they invited some of her friends, Dot and Ro to come to my studio for another Naturally Dyed Workshop.
To say we had fun is not enough!
I have been trying to 'blog' about our day all week but a broken computer and work for the Naturally Dyed Wedding have conspired against me.
However, tonight as I sit with a glass of wine (well-earned), reflecting on a wondrous day at Grassroots Market in Upwey and leafing through the blogs of the week...I see a solution.

The ladies have documented their day better than I ever could.
So I direct you Nat's blog....thank you Nat!
or Jacky's blog....thank you Jacky
or here...Ro's blog....thank you Ro

and gorgeous Dot, didn't get your personal blog, if you have one and made a record of the day, I would LOVE to see it!

Til next time xx


  1. What a fabulous day we had Jude, I'm truly hooked, I've been brewing plant matter most days, I love it. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creativity. Good luck with the wedding and also with the show next Saturday, wish I could be there. Looking forward to another get together.

  2. Thanks Ro,
    Happy to facilitate!
    Looking forward to another session myself

  3. I had such a wonderful day Jude. You are a generous and talented soul! I have just blogged today about our eco dyed day - it was so special. I am hooked:).


  4. Good on ya Jude to added us on your class list. I would have been disappointed if you didn't. I had such a fun day and so glad Ro and Dot joined in too. The only thing Jacky and I thought was, you should charge more for the day. Next year just round it to $100. I meant it!