Monday, October 22, 2012


I have many balls in the air, many plates spinning and (my favourite) my hands in many pots at the minute.
End of the Line Festival in Belgrave is just one of them and it's a totally exhilarating project to be part of. It's the inaugural year and hats off to CJ and Brent from Limerence, ably aided with their band of trusty organisers for instigating this.

Go to the website HERE of like on facebook HERE

But most importantly put it in your diary for
Saturday 24th November

This is the space I will be inhabiting for the day. It's the tranquil space, a place to take one's ease, a place to plan your next move, a place to chew the fat. Other artists will be there too, performing, playing and exhibiting, workshopping, teaching....just confirming who this week....super exciting.

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