Friday, March 9, 2012

My little soldiers

Plodding, plodding, plodding away. The 'business' end (as they say on Masterchef) when we frame and document and moreover cull and DECIDE....or is that decode? I've just poured a wine and I'm tired!


  1. Wow, I am having my second gin and tonic, Friday night, long busy week. Your little soldiers look FAB, its a full moon time lots of energy in the air. x

  2. Thanks Jilly. I feel it, hope to see you at the show. xx

  3. soldier on ..... you're nearly there (and that G&T sounds nice!!!)
    Your framed pieces look wonderful. I cant wait to see them in real life at the opening.

    Jacky xox

  4. Looking great so far. Can't wait to see them in person - you are nearly there only one more week - hugs Nat