Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A week of thanks to you

I am a bit overwhelmed by the last 10 days. Overwhelmed but not disempowered; quite the opposite!
The Naked Beast opening followed by the Open Studios weekend has given me creative fuel for at least a year...just have to compartmentalise and prioritise as I am firing on all six proverbial pistons at the minute.
In an attempt to do so, I am posting one specific note of gratitude each evening and one image...should be able to manage that!

Thanks to my lovely friend Jenny Farkas. She commissioned me to create a piece for the toilet in her business premises last year. ZINNIA is located at 3/2 Morris Road, Upwey 3158.
Inspired by the name, Zinnia being a butterfly attracting flower, my love affair with creating silk butterflies dawned and it has blossosmed since then (excuse the pun, I couldn't resist it!) Up, up and Away......

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