Sunday, December 1, 2013

End of the Line Festival 2013

Just coming up for air, second time this event has been organised in Belgrave by those alarmingly adrenalin packed folk from Limerence plus their nearest and dearest co-ordinating friends, so many to mention, such a great job done...thank you!
Did I just say that? .... well it's deserves emphasis.

It was, yet again, one of the best days in the hills, both meteorologically and passionately, celebrating all the local talent and enticing those shy and retiring out of their comfortable havens of tranquillity.

Photo by Lyn Forrest...thank you so much

I had the fortune to chat with many; some fellow creatives visiting for the day, some patrons who have purchased my work and with whom I have a deep connection; stallholders, peddling their wares like me and immersed in the benevolent vibration of the festival, friends, photographers documenting the day and children form the scout stall asking if I wanted a sausage!


I'll be there next year and I can't wait to see what is in store for End of the Line then. Anyway, enough about me, pop over the the End of the Line link and experience the day in hyperspace.