Monday, September 23, 2013

What a difference a day makess

Well, sometimes days just don't eventuate the way you had imagined. I was happily setting up for my Sunday workshop, when part of the group call to change their date.

That's alright, Nat's friend has so been looking forward to this day and Nat is always one of the most enthusiastic and giving students, we will still go ahead.
I woke up at 1.30 on Sunday morning, wide awake...was it the Summer equinox? ...was it something I ate?...or is it this tickley cough which arises at the most inopportune times?
I checked my phone.
Poor Nat is sick and can't make it.
I doze back to sleep, knowing we must reschedule this class and pondering on the thought that I now have a free day....ummm, what to do?

Well, cover chairs of course, a 'project' that has been a concept for too long is now a reality......

....And I like it very much!

Friday, September 20, 2013

one more space..

Just a quick post to express my excitement at the thought of workshops starting up again and my gratitude that the weather will be kind to us.
One space left for this weekend, Sunday 22nd but many more to follow during the Summer months.

Contact for more details

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hibernation Over

Yes.. it's time to creep out from under the covers, fling open the windows and place some well loved dye pots on a heat source again.
Not that work ground to a halt during the darker Winter months at all, not with my latest commission well under way. Winter dyeing as a process is more protracted, drying out without the sun's rays feels a little counter intuitive but the results are no less spectacular.
As my latest client will vouch for, when she had the almost impossible task of selecting one central piece for her commission.
Can you choose from all these bewildering results...isn't nature always jaw-droppingly..........


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Workshops for 2013

Naturally Dyed Workshops

Explore the art of natural dyeing using locally sourced plant materials in this eco-friendly experimental workshop. In this workshop, we will share knowledge and investigate
·       Which fabrics dye well and why
·       How to get dye from natural sources
·       How to mordant (fix) the dye to the fabric.
Most importantly you will gain the knowledge to continue experimenting at home.

When                      Sunday 22nd September                        Saturday 26th October
                                    Saturday 5th October                            Sunday 3rd November
                                    Sunday 6th October                              Sunday 17th November
                                    Sunday 13th October                             Sunday 24th November

How much       $90

Where              My Studio contact

What to bring
·       Light coloured 100% silk or wool fabric - preferably second hand, like some of the old wool blankets you can get in op shops! 100% linen and cotton will dye but to a lesser degree. Fabrics can be in small pieces or long lengths
·       Interesting bits of old metal (eg, copper, iron) up to 30cm long - rust is great, as is texture
·       Cord, thick wool or metal wire to bind pieces Thread, assorted needles, bulldog clips
·       An apron, gloves, notepad and pen

Dyes, mordants and some suitable fabric will be provided. This list is not exhaustive.
If you feel inspired to bring anything else, please do... sharing and swapping of items encouraged!

This is a one day workshop running from 10.00 to 4.30.
Please email me with your preferred date. Classes are limited to 5 students

Arrangements for payment will be offered once classes are consolidated